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Misting Systems Application



Temperature and Humidity Controller Systems:



  • Green House germination, propagation and growth.
  • Garden Centre.
  • Wine Cellars.
  • Mushrooms Cultivation.
  • Paper Mills.
  • Ginning and Pressing Factories and Textile Mills.
  • Super Markets, Fruits, Vegetables, etc.

Indoor & Outdoor Cooling Systems:



  • Livestock Poultry, Cattle and Pig Farms.
  • Industrial Factories.
  • Party / Wedding Hall.
  • Restaurant / Hotels/Pubs.


Dust Suppression System:


  • Coal Dust.
  • Foundry Dust.
  • Dust Generating Equipments.
  • Industrial Process.
  • Waste Transfer.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Cooling Systems:



In today's modern world uses the same principle of evaporative cooling to reduce temperatures for Patios, Hotels/ Restaurant/Pubs, Industrial Factories, Party/Wedding Hall, Sports fields and Private residences all over the world. When water flash evaporates into the air , the air around is cooled and the humidity is slightly increased.

By forcing water through custom Nozzles, the water is exploded into billions of small droplets each increasing the surface area of the water by a large percentage. Much the same as when you feel cold after swimming as the water evaporates from your skin, so does the air temperature around the droplet fall rapidly. The more water forced into the air increases the humidity until the evaporation rate slows and the air cannot accept more water. This is when wetting occurs from badly designed and controlled systems.


  • Temperature and Humidity Controller Systems:



There are many commercial and industrial applications where artificially controlled humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the overall operation for Process Industries, Super Markets, Fruits, Vegetables, Mushroom Cultivation, Wood Storages area. By specifically setting and maintaining humidity, temperature and air exchange standards for the operation, overall profitability is enhanced. For these specific situations, VAI Mist systems provide the ideal solution.


  • Ensure proper EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Contents) level.
  • Maintain ideal moisture content and reduces wastages (specially in fresh produce packing area and cotton ginning and pressing Mills, textile mills, spinning Mills, Industrial Paint Shops).
  • Maximize product stability and handling.
  • Reduces the incidence of dust fires.
  • Reduces Evaporation.

  • Greenhouse Misting Systems:


Professional growers know that it is vital to monitor and control all environmental factors that can affect their crops. Critical environmental factors that can affect their crops. Critical environmental factors influencing crop growth are optimum humidity levels, maximum light levels, ideal temperatures and reduced disease rates.


  • Increased productivity with more usable plugs and seedlings per crop.
  • Increased germination test results show up to 98% germination after 3-4 days using the VAI Mist fogging system.
  • Reduced stress on young plants by eliminating excess in temperature and humity.
  • Overall improvement in plant quality and uniformity.


  • Livestock Cooling Systems:


FOR CATTLE / GOAT / PIG FARMS: VAI mist cooling system reduce heat stress thereby providing improved physical metabolism. This equates to enhanced milk production, increased feed intake, better weight gain and faster reproduction. Other viable animal applications include the equestrian and hog industries. The improved environmental conditions result in improved quality of life and this can have a noticeable effect.

FOR POULTRY FARM: VAI mist systems will compensate for their own lack of natural means of heat reduction. This helps eliminate premature aging and unnecessary losses in stock. It also improves their physical metabolism leading to increased egg production.


  • Ginning, Pressing & Textile Mill Misting Systems:


Properly maintained moisture levels, will result in improved quality and minimal downtime or rejection. This is possible because ideal humidity levels will actually increase the tensile strength of al natural fibers. Enhanced production capacity and reduced waste creates a more profitable operation. As a bonus, static electricity can be removed making the yarn more workable and controlled resulting in less yarn separation. It also controls cotton fly and residual airborne lint.

  • Dust Suppression System:


Fugitive dust (PM10 and subPM10) in the workplace is a major hazard for most industries. Failure to address any of these issues can affect the health of employees, the facility can also become subject to environmental citations and fines.

By adding a high-pressure fog/misting system in the work area, ultra fine droplets of water (less than 10 micron) fall towards the ground attracting and trapping the similar sized dust particles. The air is cleared of the fugitive dust leaving a clear and healthy work area, the dust particles can be collected from the workplace floor during normal cleanup operations. There are many commercial and industrial applications where artificially controlled dust levels can provide a significant improvement to the overall operation for Coal dust, Foundry dust, Dust generating Equipments, waste transfer, process industries, etc.


  • Transfer stations
  • Entry doorways and tipping points
  • Waste disposal stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Rendering plants and animal operations
  • Woodworking and manufacturing (also for humidification)


  • Wine Barrel Store Misting Systems:


In wine storage application, increasing the relative humidity can dramatically reduce the evaporation of wine through the oak barrels. By effectively maintaining ideal humidity level, the required topping process and its associated expenses can be virtually eliminated. This not only save time and money for the winery, but also provides for a more consistent and higher quality product.



  • Ginning, Pressing & Textile Mill Misting Systems:




By maintaining a level of 65-70% relative humidity (% RH) in textile manufacturing facilities static build-up can be reduced, regain improved, yarn breakages minimized and dust, fly and lint suppressed.


This will dramatically improve quality and maintain consistent product weight thus maximizing profit.


Textile Humidification will:


  • Improve regain.
  • Maintain Yarn Strength
  • Reduce static build-up
  • Maintain product weight
  • Reduce Fly and micro dust
  • Providing free Cooling


VAI mist / humidification helping the textile industry across the industry to solve dry air problems. As a specialist in humidification, we offer a wide selection of low energy and close control humidifiers for all textile application.